Generators and Compressors

Throughout the years, we gradually noticed that our customers were divided into two categories: the ones who needed to permanently have their own generators at their work two categories: the ones who needed to permanently have their own generators at their work premises/residences, and this was the reason behind their purchase of generators, and those who would have liked the possibility of renting a generator for a certain period of time. Therefore, we opened a Rental Division in our company in order to rent our generators to the second category of our clients. The idea was much welcomed, and today we have our own fleet of generators whose power varies from 5 KVA to 1250 KVA, in accordance with our customers’ needs.

The Oil & Gas Rental Division was started on 01st November, 2017, keeping in mind the ever growing demand for light and heavy equipment in the Oil & Gas Sector.

With plans by the government to invest more than USD 112 Billion, the oil and Gas Sector is the hottest market current in Kuwait.

Our O&G rental division deals with the rental of all sorts of equipment such as generators with sizes ranging from 20 KVA to 1250 KVA, compressors from 185 CFM to 800 CFM with various operating pressures, tower lights, fork lifts, scissor and man lifts, etc. to name a few.

We have a strong dedicated team to fulfill all your needs and services. Our technicians are highly qualified to rectify all issues on and off the site. We pride ourselves in providing the best services with minimum breakdown time as all our technicians are available 24x7 to take care of your needs. We also have a vast stock of all spare parts required for the equipment as most of the products we rent out are our own brands with which we have exclusive distributorship

We deal with all government, major and minor EPC contractors and ensure the best services are offered.

Rental is an indispensable force for businesses seeking to organize their work environments and pursue economic efficiency. We ensure that we provide solutions that correspond to customers’ requirements, create ideal workspaces that motivate employees, and provides total support consistent with customers’ business size and strategy.